Saturday, 22 June 2013

my medium of choice. oil paint

 Against my fathers advice of "not doing any computer work for a while", sorry dad
I have been bored.... So I have been painting, and sculpting and drawing and making things in 3D, because I am an artist and that's what I enjoy doing.

Having gotten to a certain level with digital painting I found that you only really need to do about 5 things and the paintings done, and that's for any painting. Knowing those steps makes the whole process a little tedious. but I can do it, so...

I have always wanted to be a better 3d artist. make things that look cool. I have been working on an environment this last week. That's for another post...

I have had this niggle inside me for a long time. I have always wanted to be a better traditional artist. Paint using traditional media. I have been painting using oils. Honestly they are such a joy to use, and also there is nothing stressful about painting with oils, just the feel of the paint is so relaxing and therapeutic... oils have become my medium of choice. I love them. Also I don't find using them difficult, I find it easier than digital and quicker. My favourite paint... you can keep acrylics and watercolours...  the technique for painting with digital and oils is similar, I find.
Using them is so relaxing that I find I drift off into a state of meditation and the paintings nearly done before I know it. Not thinking to much about it is the key.


I love using oil paints... I know I keep saying that...there is just something classically awesome about them.  I think I will keep working on it.. become the next Michelangelo... ha ha, the painting above was based on a masters study but I made the lady look more modern as I don't think people look like the ones in old paintings anymore.

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