Thursday, 11 April 2013

What would you wade through mud for?

I had a friend come and stay with me and tyler over easter, he is a 55 year old trainspotter/ academic called Bob I have known him for 15 years since I was a child. He is our familys oldest and dearest friend, in fact he's one of the family.

last week Bob, Ty and I decided to go for a walk to Mount st bernards abbey(good scones) I live at the very edge of the town so I am within walking distance of the countryside.

There is a short cut/ country path that is only about 5 minutes from my house that leads to the abbey but Bob insisted that we go the long way round.

I had new shoes on that I was trying to break in, and blisters from yesterdays walk round loughborough (tyler wanted to go on the easter bunny express).
I decided it would be more comfortable if I walked bare foot. After a while I started to lag behind and told the guys that I would catch up with them, next time I looked they were two hills away and my feet were killing.

I decided to walk back to the shortcut and I thought "This isnt muddy, I wonder why bob wanted to walk the long way".

So I started walking down the path, determined to prove my point that this way was quicker and beat Bob and Ty to the abbey.

The path to the abbey
Not too muddy, If you stick to the edges.
I saw, in the distance a tractor going back and forth from the farm to the field, I knew I was nearly there. As I got closer to the part were the tractor drove I heard the bells ring for prayer from the monestry.
The Tractor came rushing back from the field as I got to the part were the tractor drove to and from the farm. Then I came to what appeared to be a river of mud about half a meter deep.

Alleged "River of mud"
Dosent look that bad from the pic, but it was, just compare the tractor (which is pretty big, to it)
As the tractor drove through the mud, it turned and some horrible brown smelly slop came gushing over the edges of the trailer, It was then I realised that it wasnt a river of mud at all.
I thought, how badly do I want to go to the monestry, not bad enough to walk through that, what if I fell?
I will walk barefoot along the road, through the mud, but i'm not wading through a river of poo no matter how good the scones are.
Come to thing of it there are precious few things in this world I would wade through a river of poo for, To help my son, If there was a million in cash on the other side. If someone was offering me my dream job, thats about it. What about you? What would have to be on the other side?

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