Sunday, 14 April 2013

voluntary work

Last week I started doing voluntary charity work . It has helped with so much, my confidence, self esteem, gets me in good habits for getting up in the morning.

I actually prefer it to paid work actually because there is no pressure and no superiors talking down to you. Its better than being a freelance illustrator, not that that would take much. :)

The best thing about it is that its something else to talk about. I dont want to just do one thing all the time. I want to do lots of different things and have something interesting to talk about.

So when someone asks me what ive been up to it wont be ive been at home drawing. It will be Ive been drawing and doing some voluntary work.

Its very rewarding actually. It has helped me develop my people skills and I have not sworn once, but its early days yet.
6 hours of my time a week. I think I will carry on with it because it is inspiring and something I enjoy.

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