Saturday, 5 May 2012

Understanding dynamic shapes

Previously whilst looking at character design it was suggested that we use triangles in our work or dynamic shapes, I looked into this. I think I included them in a post but it was very brief.

Again I come to character design so rather than talking about last times Ill address it as it stands now and how it applies to the new character. A few raised questions.

I have looked/am looking at some character design art and realised that yes artists do frequently use dynamic shapes particulalry triangles in there work, and the fact is the ones that do look better.

How much variety can one get? surely theres more interesting than the standing feet apart pose.
What about some of these?

 Sitting or even using objects to create that triangle. The object one seems to work pretty well. Sitting ones not so much.
These are just basic silhouettes. I think its worth thinking about though because I found that the stood up pose seemed a bit samey after several character designs

 I silhouetted some of my own character design of recent. to compare the silhouettes to each other. I set out to use dynamic shapes in each of these designs, or I thought I had... maybe I wasnt quite so thourough as I thought.

The fact is I expected the blue and orange silhouette to be better than the green/pink character silhouette but it wasnt. The second silhouette looked drastically better.

The costume on the first character blocked out the dynamic shape of the silhouette so even though I prefere the blue/orange design I think the other silhouette is better.

In comparison to the other examples I find that the triangle needs to be at 2/5 of the character to start to look ok. and 1/2  to look great. not much of a gap I know...

Seems ive over analysed, maybe... I dont think so. Im sure there are many other rules. the rest of the figure maybe should flow in the same direction like the hat of pink/green character? just a thought.

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