Thursday, 24 May 2012

old plastic - and why I find it fascinating.

Im in a good mood. I spoke in a recent post about restoring some old vintage toys. I have found a lot of information out about plastic and what happens to it as it ages. I have also come to the conclusion that there is no logic in collecting things that are made out of plastic as it basically destroys itself over time.

And why, might one ask,would anyone want to hang on to anything that would basically deteriorate? how could one keep it in good condition?

 Pin dot mold. Also known by the disgusting name smooze. I got a really old dirt cheap one off ebay that had this I managed to get rid though.

Regrind, this is what happens when the lovely folks at the toy factory back in 1982 decided to recycle old plastic and mix it with another colour plastic. As the plastic age's the colours seperate causing this blotchy effect.

Age spots. Caused obviously by the deterioration of plastic as it ages. Looks disgusting. Fortunatley I only have 1 that has this and its not that bad.
Worst problem is when the plasticizer breaks down and makes the plastic all sticky and eventually it becomes hard and then brittle.

I have discovered ways to "get rid" of most of these probs though. except the regrind, that cant be cleaned. That has to be painted over.

I learned a lot of interesting stuff about old plastic. Theres a crane fly in the room that needs to be slain.


  1. interesting, and i enjoyed the mad stream of consciousness effect. Help the crane fly outside, all creatures must be cherished even if they're a bit on the leggy side.

  2. The thing I deteste about Crane fly's is that they look a little bit like spiders with wings. This gives them the ability to cover area that spiders cannot thus increasing the fear factor. Oh and they chase you!

    Bugs fascinate me generally. I have a giant african praying mantis. There most interesting when they pounce on there prey. Visually they are the coolest of bugs, saying that though the hercules beetle is pretty cool also.

    My mantis is a cream colour, they can also be green or brown. Know one has discovered what "factors" cause the colour to change, that is my task to find out.