Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The summer overload, collections and watercolours

Ive finally nearly finished all of the really rubbish jobs I had to do around the house. The spring cleaning. I found so much cool stuff one of those items included a really old 3d digital character book from 1999. It is shocking.... to see the difference 13 years has made to the quality of digital characters. The shock factors gone now though, you pretty much expect things to advance.

Anyway.... Summer is almost here. You'd think I'd be glad but the noises of summer are pretty distracting and annoying. Whirrs of lawnmowers, the smell of about 10 different kinds of meat on people's bbq's and the smoke, the blinding white light, the smell of mown grass, pollen, insects buzzing, children screaming or laughing both sounds are equal in annoyance and I swear I cannot distinguish one from the another. I like to call this effect the summer overload, the view of summer from the shade thats my thing.

Ive been cleaning and sorting out my collection's. No one who collects anything obsessivly can ever have enough shelves. I have 125 ponies (not including swaps) Mib/bnib/loose, Mint in box is boring, where's the fun in that? you want to get them in poor condition and restore them, my collection of vintage stuff is fairly impressive. I have all the sega,nintendo,microsoft and sony consoles bar 1, a sega master system. So many games most of which I have not even played. I found several boxes full of nintendo related nik-naks I have been collecting over the years. Bagpuss items x 40. A huge collection of books about various science's (loads about entomology, zoology, neuropsychology, biology) hundreds of old beano comics. I also have a collection of fairly old pretty hairclips In all different colours that I dont even use as im not into that.
Lots of really expensive marker pens/pencil crayons in the box's that have never been used and a stack of different types of sketchbooks for different media.  All of these collections relate to my interests. Games, art, Vintage stuff and science.

All of those are now neatly organised and clean on the shelves in order of value ( in the colour sense) Ive come to the conclusion that I just like collecting rainbows of things.

Anyway....... I didnt mean to go off on a tangent but speaking of colours I recently started practicing with watercolours I really like the feel of painting with them. I like the bright colours and the different hues you can get by adding white. Seem's like a good thing to get passionate about. Im going to have to go outside with them.

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