Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Building bridges - a new universe

I have come across a forum in the past couple of days started by the coming years 1st years.
I thought it was worth mentioning.

I have had a chat with some of them and positively answered some questions they had.
The mixture of exitement and nerves and mispreconceptions brings back alot of memorys of what I felt like during the summer before the beginning of my adventure as a game art student. Bless.

Honestly I felt something I think it was an emotion.  It has created a feeling that resembles a new universe being created in my chest that starts out small and spreads into a warmness. A new exitement in side of me. For the future and the years to come. ( I just speed ate 2 oranges and an Avacado pear though so it could be indigestion ).

Yes. I am exited. There I said it. I cant wait.

Its funny how certain situations can recall and even respark previous emotions (makes mental note).

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