Tuesday, 29 May 2012

#3 Mini master's study

I thought to myself and realised that I learned more about painting from studying a single artist than I did in a whole year just doing it myself and practicing. I enjoyed the masters study.
This time I decided to do turner.
I have just done a few speedy thumbnails using digital media.

Half way through these I realised that this particular artist is a watercolour job so to speak. So im going to quit using digital media and have a go in watercolours.
 I have been reading a book about watercolours and this particular style of painting when you literally let the paint blled on the paper can be hard to master until you learn how to control the paint.
When I say control I mean find ways in which the paint will do certain things for you depending on how it is applied.
I will talk about that in more detail when Ive done some watercolour attempts.
see you later.


Well I had a go and the paint was very naughty! I'll post up the disaster anyway and then go off and attempt another.

On reflection I think that I used to much paint. I shouldnt have ever used black I dont know what came over me. Ill try it again with less paint. Maybe I should let the layers dry before I put more paint on. Theres no control c and conrol v with traditional media. It just takes a lot of skill and effort. oh and practice.

will post up attempt 2 in a bit. Even though it didnt turn out I had fun watching the paint bleed across the paper.


I thought Id look at some tutorials on how to get this right


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