Monday, 28 May 2012

#2 The mind - understanding and accomplishing anything

This is number 2 in the summer independent learning and self discovery posts.

I have been for a number of years as stated in many posts gone by trying to figure out the psychology of my own mind works. It has always been a goal for me to develop an understanding.

I figured that if I could understand how my own mind works then I will be able to accomplish anything by tricking myself almost into a state of learning and understanding.

I believe I am in that special place now. I believe I know how my own mind works.

I re - read my posts gone by, from this and my old college blog.

(I am on an organic juice detox at the minute and feel ill from the toxin removal, needed to be said)

My discovery is that I am able to remember, memorise and understand lots of information about things.
I have an urge to collect information a passion if you will.

I realised that If I could use that ability for this subject then It couldnt be a bad thing and may, would rather benefit me. Interest and passion may not be enough, I need to become obsessed. That way I will learn without having to kill myself. Because I will want to learn and gather information. Like I do about other subjects of interest that I find impossible to pull myself away from.

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