Monday, 28 May 2012

#1 Finding another way to kick the ball.

Its monday 28th of may. This is the day That I promised my self I would get things done by so that I could get back to the grind and start studying again.

I feel a positive attitude of recent. 

I will do something everyday! and I will post it. ( yes you will young lady)

Now is the time to find new ways to do things. So that I a better than I was before.

Ive been drawing from life which I enjoy but I thought it was about time that I went a bit furthur and did something that would help me with this.
This day has been saved for the study of anatomy.  I wanted to study anatomy rather than just draw people.
The anatomy pictures have been on my inspiration wall for months now and I have looked at them each day enough i'd say for the images to reach the long term memory.

Muscle structure. Thats another thing to study that will help with my figure drawing. knowing where the muscles are and what goes together and even the names will help. That way I can recall them from the visual library in my brain.

I have done some pencil work over the weekend which I have enjoyed, today but will carry on with them and post all at the end of the day.

Until then I bid you adieu.


The scanning didnt really turn out that well, I did alot of blind contour drawing before this, it looked so faint it was hardly visible. For now Im just posting the anatomy sketches. Not very happy with how the pictures look though.
I was quite pleased with how they turned out and they didnt take too long. I did some more blind sketches after and they turned out better because of what I had learnt today.
I will carry this on.

posemaniacs had a really cool feature that changes the image every 30 seconds allowing you to practice quickly getting the shape down. Its a good resource if you dont have anyone to sketch or anyone willing to be sketched.

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