Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project Have Fun - "Cutter"

One thing I hav elearnt from this project is that doing things "from life" is a whole lot easier than other methods. That is why the cutter character (gingerbread man cutter on orange) was so simple.

Doing things from life does not require tediously searching through photigraphs and the web etc to fin reference because you have all of the refernce you need around you. It will be a good thing to remember in the future.

Cutter character

He is not totally static and rigid as he would be in real life, I wanted him to look a bit wobbly after all he is balancing on top of an orange. I dont know if I have mentioned about colour before during the project but I have looked into it and I have added some blue to the character to contrast against the orange. It is subtle so the character still looks like he is made from metal.

On reflection, I think I should have added some "reflection's" of the orange but that can be done at a later stage.

lets see how this guy fits into the composition.

Basically I like. after the shdows are put in so this guy dosent take emphasis away from the main character, perhaps lowering the contrast may help, ill just give it a quick try for now.


I have lowered the contrast of said character, also Ive played around with the way he is leaning, It helps direct the viewer to the main character. The only thing that is niggling away is the scale, he is behind yet the orange i bigger than the light switch. in real life they would be about the same size, because the orange is behind, it will need to be smaller.Im just gonna play around with it.

edit :

This looks about right. Scale wise. It seems to give more of a idea the character ismoving towards our main man. That adds to the "story" world against character.
time to finish this..

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