Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project Have fun - composition3

After the incident with the last character it made me realise how much wasted space there was in the composition of the scene. It was there but wasnt really doing anything for the composition.
Another thing was that some characters appeared so insignificant they might as well not be there. See below.

Another issue is the kettle character He sits at the top of the scene again without doing anything, I think its time to say goodbye to him aswell. I believe that the composition will work without them.... lets see shall we.

Colours are not final,

all I have done is cut the top off the composition, and moved he plant/ main character. How about some experiments with light and shadow, to help put the focus back on our main main.

The image should be dark on the ground and lighter as it goes upward, to give that sense of height. Our main man is not the main focus, its shared between him and "cutter"

I have moved the door slightly to the left of the image. added some more quick shadow just to give an idea...
I need to make the ground darker and flick stand out a bit more.  


Ive added some more shadow highlights

Ive added some beams of light from the hallway, more appropriate shadows, nice idea , they may be in the wrong direction. Another anoying thing is the cutter character... it just looks dead...

Edit: yet another attempt, changed doorway, beams of light, added some more shadow...

 I think adding the shape of the doorway and window has really helpedthe composition, still hate the cutter, its because it dosent go with everything else at this stage because there not real enough.. so time to make it look real.... The next post assuming I dont have anymore problems will be the final.

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