Monday, 26 March 2012

*Project have fun - composition2

I have ben looking at ways to communicate ideas to the audience of my art, Ive thought that its mor than the layout of objects in the scene, it has alot more to do with there direction and how they help the composition.
For example, the plant in the corner of my scene could quite happily stand upright, but it wouldnt do anything for the composition.

The plant needs to assist the viewer in someway else why would it be in the scene? it needs to have a purpose.

Its purpose is mainly to lead the viewer to the focal point of the scene which is the main character.
Heres something visual. and a reminder of the scene thumbnail.

The plant on the left hand side but is it really doing anything.

Here are a few silhouettes of the plant, I will place them on the thumbnail to see if the different shapes do anything different. This is not a hope that by fluke it will work. I have thought about the lines of the object and how it will divert the viewers attention to the focal point without taking attention from it.

This one, Its a nice shape, but does it do anything, It points to the area the main character will be in (square) but i feel it diverts attention away, lets try some others.
 This silhouette is leaning towards the character, it sort of works but the shape isnt right. parts are too large (head) and the parts that "point towards are too high, if anything it diverts the atention away from the character. back to the drawing board.

Again, too high, Looking back I feel parts of the first one that pointed across and up were better because they helped guide the viewer around the image, as well as too the main character. they also kept the shape of the plant.... something new i think

edit :This appears to work better, leaves pointing upwards and across, not quite there yet though. I think there may be too much of it in the scene.... maybe cut it back a bit so too speak?

edit: smaller in general, dosent take up too much space and points towards character. for now I think we will go with this one, lets just see how it wors when everything is in place.

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