Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project Have Fun - Colour theory

During the final rendering of the comcept art, I thought some of these colours are not working. That said the snake and the main character which are red and green seem to go together really well. This made me think of a music video (strange example I know) but it is the best example I have seen of when colours, contrasting and complementary have been used together and have worked really well.

I compiled a few screen shots. The colours used are blues and oranges in this example.

The point is everything seems to have been considered, the oranges in the wood, costume even the skintones work really well with the blues.

I want to achieve something similar. I  will be using greens and reds though. I know that its not just a case of using green and red anywhere, there are things to consider like colour ratios. Its 50:50 for green and red. 

But what about the orange rolling character? what about the shadows? are all greens opposite to red? 
Another prob.
Lets solve this one... and quickly.

edit: I have made a little colour palette with the colours that will be used together in the final render....

Turns out pinks go with greens also, so lets get some in there, the carpet, browns and oranges can be used alongside red for the wood, lets get on with it.

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