Tuesday, 27 March 2012

*Project have fun - Body language/expression

Body language, one of the things that gives a character "character".
I think that to tell the story the main character needs to be scared and frightened in his environment, after all the enemy characters in the environment are huge and intimidating in most cases.
The main character is situated just off the centre of the image near to the snake plant character. He must show fear in his body language and also facial expression, I have looked at scared body language and expression. This will be easier said than done with this character as he has no hands and his facial features are limited, lets give it a go anyway.

quick pic,

The way he is standing with his feet up shows that he is ready to run away, it shows fear, the way his leg is bent and his neck is craned give the message that this character is edging away showing that he is frightened,scared.
Facial expression, lines around face show shock, fear and bead of sweat shows anxiety. even his nose appears to be sucked in like the character wants to get his face as far away as possible.

Does it work along the snake plant? ive put together this quick pic, just to see.

Answer ... not really. why? because the snake/plant is not nearly scary enough in fact his expression looks more like a yawn than a feirce "im opening my mouth because I want to bite eat you"..... his eyes need to be wider (both characters)...
That will ned to be sorted.

quick go at scarier

 Better, but its not quite right is it? not quite feace enough. ok the nose is turned up. the eyes and mouth are wider, maybe its the body language of the plant.

Image source http://gooseinkorea.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/korean-kids-cant-read-dog-body-language.html

Ideally looking at the body language of this fiece dog, his heads lower than his back, i think it may be snakeplants neck that is wrong....... This can be left for the moment.... and ill come back to it... I want to finish up the last parts of the composition, i wonder how many other problems ill run into.

edit: composition as it stands

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