Saturday, 31 March 2012

The art of progression – why slow growth is so important

The art of progression – why slow growth is so important

At the end of the academic year I have started to develop a better understanding of what it is to progress. I have looked back and reflected on the mistakes I have made and have tried to develop my own thinking as to why certain things have gone a certain way. I have tried to rationalize absolutely everything I have done. That is the only way I can move on from it and focus on the ultimate goal.

Every student or anyone that has a dream or ambition has one ultimate goal and that is success. That may be a little misleading, by success I don't mean ultimate fame and glory and being the best at everything. I mean getting to the level they want to, or more to the point need to be at to be able to achieve what that success. I hope that makes sense.

Growth was, is ,will and always has been a slow and painful process. It needs to be for the process to work in full. These things take time. Why? Because I need to understand and remeber the basics.

Take two tomato plants, the first one has been allowed to mature over time,
The leaves are large and green and the fruit on the plant is red and succulent.

The other one has been fed chemicals to force it to grow, yes some of the leaves are large and green the fruit looks good enough, but if you look closely parts of the plant have not even developed properly there are still unopened flowers leaves that have not fully developed, you get my point.

A better example would be two buildings, the first one has firm foundations these may be traditional art skills or talent, all the bricks have been laid on top of those, which could class as experience, training, learning, understanding and so on. It took time to build but as a result it is Its sturdy and steadfast.

The bad house would start with some traditional art skills/talent but would not build on those so to speak and layers of bricks would be laid on top but they wouldn't be very well thought out. It was a rush job. For a while it may look like a house but eventually the badly laid bricks would give way and it will all come tumbling down, the mess would have to be cleared up and it would have to be built back up again.

The biggest question would be how? Would you build it the proper way or make the same mistakes again knowing that ultimately you would fail at house building.

Or would you do things the right way?

Would you learn from the mistakes you have made in the first year of your degree or make them again in the second when it counts and never succeed at become a great artist?

Its hard to fight against that urge to try and be somewhere right now and let yourself mature and grow and make sure you have all of the basic skills before you try and move on or push yourself a bit further.

The biggest mistake I have made this year is trying to build that house at all.

That is my plan this summer, to learn how to build houses....properly.

Next year I will analyse how and start to apply that knowledge.

This year was not the time to try and build houses. I will keep on fighting, but this time I wont let myself burn out. For the love of  houses.

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