Monday, 30 January 2012

What the catterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls the butterfly

Im going to be critical now and a little harsh on myself. I have been reflecting on some of my work That I have done over the last month and have realised that it sucked. I am refering to my imagineering project.
I had a really crazy idea for the vehicle for something that could transport whole armies of soldiers across the planet and still be agile enough to move between the buildings in cities, it would also act as a weapon of destruction, I had the storyboards in my head.... and what did I do.. a solar car... how original.

I looked on facebook and saw this idea was too different so I didnt do it.... and I regret it. I failed myself in a way, why wouldnt an artist want to not do something different and crazy.

The real test will be picking myself up from this and changing so that this never happens again. It dosent matter I made a mistake I always make mistakes. Made of flesh and blood and all that.

I have however  really been putting the work in  this semester. I have been doing more than the recomended hours being more practical in my use of time and my enjoyment has increased.
I am making so many mistakes and producing so much, my visual design folder for this semester has nearly 200 pics in it I am being productive. I like this 100 percent more than before. I got a compliment about my van from teach today and it made my day.

The previous work I did in the sds time is laughable ... I mean I cant believe I only got through 1 sketchbook in the first 6 weeks? my ideas are flowing now and I record them all. I am not stressing so my creative juices are free to flow.

Changing is hard as it is the end of who you were before, small changes can alter you dramatically.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls the butterfly,  small changes can make you something better.

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