Friday, 13 January 2012

Upside down and back to front

This is an upside down left handed oil painting/self portrait painted over the best of some blind drawings. after becoming frustrated with learning how to paint/draw I wanted to dumb the whole process down to the max.
When I uploaded this to facebook all of the writing appeared upside down. weird.

This is the the upside down version...
these are both of the images.
The painting isnt accurate, life like, nor does it look like me, the composition is bad and the everything is completley out of proportion. I etched criticism into the wet paint. 
Id describe it as an oil painting that is no oil painting.
This has not made me a better artist and I doubt its going to get many likes on facebook, its not for show offs and I dont care if people like or hate it that is unimportant.
its mainly about admitting that I make mistakes and showing them and admitting I cannot achieve perfection straight away. but it has made me think about ways in which i can simplify things. 
And try to slow things down so I dont miss the important things I need to learn.

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