Saturday, 7 January 2012

Imagineering the best bits.

Theres something unimaginable fun about projects you know are never going to be marked. A little more freedom to do the things you like doing the most and to make them part of that project. The passion you have can flow freely without being restrained. The reason you are an artist.
I suppose the secret is to channel that passion into your set projects, to let it flow in a particular direction is something else entirley and requires alot more thought and self discipline if you are to stick to the task in hand.

I dont do things in a feeble attempt to impress anyone, I do what I do for myself, because I love it and it helps me progress. I didnt have to make 3d sculpture for this project, I didnt have to learn to paint with oils the past four weeks. Doing these things will inevitably help me progress and be at the level I want to be so I have the skills I need to carry on doing the things I love. In the end, That is what this is all about and passion can be such a great fuel to drive someone, Even if they dont have the ability or possess little talent, Passion is the thing that will push them to develop those abilitys and talents. Looking forward  to the year ahead.

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