Friday, 20 January 2012

Beyond a thought or the progression of a single idea

I have written this gradually as the idea has progressed.....
I like to call the moment I had this week as T.B.M  or Total brain meltdown others may refer to such a feeling as creative or artists block. When you are presented with an idea or word to fuel a character concept, and all you can think about is a colour and taste where would you go from there.

I posted a photo/close up of the colour/taste in question that was orange juice and recieved a few puzzling questions from peers. Mostly it was why? why a pic of orange juice? I was a little reluctant to answer,

Reef - alcopops - orange -orange juice- taste

Apparently  "this is art" as a certain someone suggested, that of course depends on your own view of art and exactly what that is, opinions may differ so greatly that anything can be classed as art. To me this colour is the twinkle in the eye of the father of a better idea. What matters to me is where this idea will progress into.

citrus, fresh, orange, bright, yellow, sunset, paradise, carribean, carribean art. does such thing exist?

In the words of hermione granger "if in doubt go to the library".

The library.......I had to ask someone where the books sad is that, after looking through rows and rows of books I realised I was on the wrong floor, I went upstairs and it looked like I was in the same room I was before. I swear I will not put up with people calling me miss chee -chokey for much longer.

I was looking to see if there where any books on carribean art, not sure if it existed. I found  a book on the shelf called "carribean art" which I was suprised by. I had a flick through, there were other books on similar types of art so I took them out too.

Now can you see why orange juice led me to this?  I found the masked figures particularly interesting so I researched aboriginal art and oceanic art, persian, easter island, totems, aztec....books and documentarys, amongst others things were starting to get interesting. So much inspiration...led to many a are just a few...

Then the quick thumbnail sketches.

I decided what I liked about these and sketched down some ideas, I liked hair, different lighting, masks that completley covered the face, unusual shape, length, expression.

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