Thursday, 1 December 2011

Visual design and game production - bridging the gap

I started the new brief in game production on the day it was recieved. I thought I could get more done this way and have time to sort out any problems without that last minute panic when things go wrong.

The new project is to make 2 trees. I spent hours a few weeks ago studying trees and trying to draw them correctly as part of our bradgate park drawings. when I came to make the tree in 3ds max I found it was easier to do BECAUSE of the visual design work I did.

Then it all clicked, that is why we do visual design. It helps to bridge the gap between the two.
I guess that when people tell me that visual design isnt important because its game production that gets you the job its rubbish, because visual design helps me do game production better.

I know a tree may be simpler and quicker to make than a building, but if the results of my visual design work are not evident in the finished 3d model this time I will be shocked.

Even studying the bark and practicing rendering it in visual design will help me produce better textures in game production.

Knowing this it may be an idea to practice drawing objects before I model them.

I put more than 12 hours a week into game production because I have yet to master it. I am going to start putting more hours into visual design rather than just the reccommended time. I do my own practice work which I suppose counts towards "getting better" but I am going to put more hours into projects for projects because I dont feel like I am getting anywhere even with the large amount of work I have been starting to do.

As for game production this week has been a good week. I have gone home and taught myself things that will make my 3d work look cooler. I have been reading 3d art magazines and it is suprising the things you can pick up. I will apply them to future projects.

In critical studies this week I felt so behind the times because although I like games I wanted to concentrate on my education. I just felt like I didnt know what anyone was talking about. Even though i dont want to waste my time playing games when i want to learn how to make them I realised that playing some games may help me to make them.

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