Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The thumbnail challenge.... it begins

Right then. forget 22 drawings in 12 hours. I claim that I can do 15 thumbs in 3 minutes which isnt bad but.......
A certain someone can do 20 in 2 minutes..... 
Wouldnt it be fun to try and beat that record..... After all its only 2 minutes of my time..... and see if I can do 21
yes... 21 thumbs in 2 minutes......

and thats not all, I will try and accomplish this task in 7 days and if not I will eternaly bow down to that "certain someones" awesomeness and change my DMUGA facebook account name to Victoria "the snail" Cichocki dmuga, forever, and my profile picture to brian from the magic roundabout.

I will video my performances over the next 7 days, with a clock to show I have not cheated. I will post them on here.

The rules

Victoria must produce 21 thumbnails in 2 minutes or less.
She will  attempt the task once a day for 7 days.
She must complete this task by midnight on wednesday the 14th of December 2011.
If she fails she will be known as Victoria " the snail" Cichocki for ever.
Vic must post the videos on here blog for the world to see. her sucess or failure.


Im off to bed.... big day tommorow

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