Monday, 5 December 2011

Thankyou lecturers

 I said in my first blog post that i would give credit where neccesary.... well here goes....

Thanks to Mike for putting up with me spamming his email with links to my blog posts, and having an open mind to my alternate views on video game history, psychology and contradictions. Most importantly appreciating my efforts in getting as much graphite down on paper in 12 hrs.

Thanks to Heather for answering all of my bizzare questions such as "how do i make this look cool" and "why did you let me on this course", letting me on this course and also giving me the incentive to use my brain to figure things out on my own back in order to get better.

Thanks to Jack for putting up with me forcing him to critique every peice of work ive done and teaching me that eating ham sandwiches while sucking peppermints is not a good idea.

And thanks to Chris for constantly telling me that I will get there and respecting my efforts with "well dones" when they were needed the most, having the most legible writing of any lecturer ever and for being a ray of sunshine on an otherwise dismal day. 

thanks guys, I appreciate it,

I suppose the real "thanks" will be seeing my efforts pay off. keep watching.

1 comment:

  1. Chris has legible hnadwriting? Damn, mine must really suck :-(

    Cheers for the thx tho, don;t get many of those in our daily life :-)