Monday, 5 December 2011

Getting worse in order to get better

When I was at college I had an issue with perfection. I would constently spend hours and hours on one peice of work until it was perfect. It was very obsessive I admit. Im glad to say Im over that now.

When I started uni, I thought I couldnt do it that I wasnt good enough. After the first week I iknew I could do it if I put alot of effort into it.

Then it came down to getting faster, I knew in order to get faster my art was going to look worse before it got better. I wasnt going to produce a brilliant final peice in an hour.... at first.

It was a risk I was willing to take, I knew that I may have to produce some mediocre work at first, something I wouldnt have done in the past. The worst case scenario would be I would fail, that didnt happen thank goodness. I realised that I wasnt going to go into university and be the straight A student I was in college. If I was that good from the word go I wouldnt need to go to university would I ?

Im going to keep going, keep trying and keep perservering and get better. I find I am learning everyday here, not just about how to increase my skills or ability but important life lessons.

Like I said earlier I am no longer afraid to make mistakes or to show people my mistakes im only human after all. I will learn from the mistakes, I am learning from them, my hard work is paying off, I am getting through a sketch book a week now. practicing more and more.

Some of the things I have produced along my path to getting better are dire, but how would i have known if these things would work or not if i didnt try them out. The worse thing that can happen is people are laughing at me on there secret game art facebook group that they think I dont know about. I dont care.... Im here for myself not for anyone else.

Ill keep smiling, keep trying and I will get there because I am Victoria Cichocki.

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