Tuesday, 6 December 2011

back to square 1

Chris has now lifted the "ban" and given me permission to use digital and colour. I should be thankful.
The truth is im back to square one. Not only do I have to "just keep doing it" with pencil but I have to do the same now with colour and digital.
 I looked into colour theory today. practiced my hours drawing.did some digital painting, made loads of mistakes. achieved things aswell.

Its not as hard, getting better at pencil.... very slowly.....has made me learn things that will help me with the others.
Im not moaning, just getting my thoughts down and clearing my head. I will continue listening to him, it has paid off before, Im just looking forward to "getting there" and looking back at my struggles, and visual design  facebook album that has so many pics my computer crashes when it loads.

My hard work will be rewarding for me. Its a very lonely place to be at a desk everyday looking at the things you can do in 30 minutes.  Knowing its not good enough yet is frustrating, but knowing you will get better if you J.K.D.I is what keeps me going.

Im going to write down what I have achieved each week so I can look back over time. This will help me to realise what im doing is worthwhile.

What I have achieved this week

I can do 15 thumbnails in 3 minutes - SERIOUSLY- not masterpeices... but enough to help me progress.
I have improved in game production. im really happy about it.
I have learnt how to  unwrap splines off my own back.


  1. 15 in 3? not bad... Mitch can do 20 in 2...


  2. yeah yeah.... im only a first year

  3. but you can\t resist a challenge!